This week, while reading Johanna Blakley's blog I came across an extremely interesting report about fashion in Rio de Janeiro, "Territórios da Moda". Download the full report here.

The research interviewed many references in Rio's fashion industry, including executives, designers, sewers, among others.

As result the study was able to portray the fashion scenario in Rio, which is basically divided in three circuits: fashion, off-fashion and ateliers.

The study shows that the local fashion industry does not see copying and counterfeiting as a bad or prejudical thing.  Instead, they regard it as a complement and feel flattered that others are copying their design.  For fashion deisgners, copying in the fashion industry should not be treated legally for design protection is deemed as impractical for them.

One of the major problems for the industry according to this report is the lack of qualified labor, including for creative positions.

At the same time, the report shows that the major transformation and development noticed within fashion in Rio is the increase in the appreciation and importance of designs and designers since mid-1990s.

Johanna Blakley had the opportunity to interview Pedro Augusto Pereira Francisco, leader of  "Territórios da Moda". You can read part 1 of the interview here.

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