One of Jessica Simpson's new sandal for spring, the "Evangel", blatantly knocks-off Christian Louboutin 2010 "Staratata".  The "Evangel" retails for US$ 98.00 and the original "Staratata" retailed for US$ 995.00 and sold out. 

Can you guess which one is which?

On the left, Louboutin's; and on the right, Jessica Simpson's. 

The "Staratata" was a quite well-known sandal and it was seen on celebrities and after the original model was sold out, it was released in new colors, as it is until today. 

To top things off, according to the blog TFL, Jessica is sporting her knock-off sandal on the new marketing ads, which runs in the current issue of Elle magazine. 

In the US, where the sandal was released, clothing and accessories do not have copyright protection. This means that the aesthetics, or the looks, of a piece of clothing or accessory can be freely copied as long as the trademark is not. 

So, considering that the Camuto Group (Jessica Simpson's licensee and manufacturer of the sandal) did not copy Louboutin's trademarked red-sole, they are probably not breaking any rules.  But who knows what Louboutin's attorneys may come up with. 

Breaking the rules or not, blatant copies are so not cool... 


  1. Funny you should mention that, I have emailed a few times with the Louboutin attorneys as we await the NY Court of appeals Decision.

    We shall see. As for these knock-offs, no it's not cool. It's one thing to make a mens black wingtip look like another, but entirely another to run this game. Don't tell me the soles are red lacquer....

  2. Hi Christopher, thanks for commenting and sharing you blog.
    Red soles would have brought way too much controversy... I guess the Camuto Group was "clever" enough to do not copy Louboutin's registered trademark.


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