Chanel Nº 5 ad campaign 2012 

Just some quick facts...The Brazilian PTO list of recognized famous marks in Brazil has 29 trademarks, but only four of them are in th fashion segment.  That is if we consider the broad definition of fashion industry, including sportwear, footwear, accessories and cosmetics. 

Here are the four fashion trademarks in Brazil with famous status: 
  • "CHANEL" 
  • "HAVAIANAS" (footwear)
  • "O BOTICÁRIO" (cosmetics)
  • "NIKE" (the logo)

Famous marks have a broader scope than well-known marks. Whereas famous marks are trademarks which  have achieved a high-level of recognition by the public in general, well-known marks are limited to the public in their specific market segment. 

In Brazil, the famous status is proved through market shares, public recognition, advertisings and market researches. Once a trademark has its famous status recognized by the Brazilian PTO, the intellectual property protection to that trademark will extend to all field of activities, so that any trademark application or domain name request that reproduces or imitates that famous mark will be rejected. 

And here is the full list of famous marks in Brazil: 

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