This past Wednesday, December 05, I attended a meeting at the Brazilian Bar Association, State of Santa Catarina, of the Innovation, Intellectual Property and Enforcement Against Piracy Commission, of which I am a member.

The agenda of the meeting was to introduce the Enforcement Against Piracy State Council (Conselho Estadual de Combate à Pirataria - CECOP), of the state of Santa Catarina, the first state council in Brazil dedicated exclusive to fight piracy.

CECOP is structured into three work streams: institutional, educational and operational. By signing in terms of cooperation with various public and private entities, it is designed to promote and coordinate actions to fight piracy, collaborating with formulating and proposing state plans for the prevention and combat of piracy, tax evasion resulting therefrom and offenses against intellectual property. CECOP's intensive work has been recognized by the MPA (Motion Picture Association).

As part of CECOP's work, the council has included a legal concept of piracy to the state legislation.  According to this concept, piracy is an "act of unauthorized or abusive reproduction of an object protected by intellectual property,  as well as other activity that permits the movement  or use of the pirated object for commercial and not commercial purposes, as set forth in federal legislation".

Below, a couple of statistics taken from CECOP's presentation:

- In 2012, there were 21 repressive operations in the state of Santa Catarina and 271,262 products seized;

- The top 5 cities in the states affected with piracy are:

  1. Balneário Camboriú 
  2. Joinville*
  3. Florianópolis*
  4. Itajaí
  5. Criciúma*

*Joinville, Florianópolis and Criciúma have already created city councils dedicated to fight piracy.

Another interesting issue presented in the meeting was CECOP's project called "Futebol Legal", in which they suggest that unauthorized reproduction or imitation of trademarks should deemed as crimes, punished by law.


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