It does not stop.  First it was Marc Jacobs who had 14 years old girls working for him.  Click here to read more about Jacob's case.

Now it is Chanel's turn. The French maison has just released its spring 2013 campaign featuring three young models. As reported by, the campaign features Ondria Hardin, Stella Tennant and Yumi Lambert, who were between 15 and 16 when the campaign was shot last year in New York. 

The issue of underage models and the fashion industry is a permanent dilemma between what it should be and what it really happens in practice. In the USA there are guidelines by the CFDA that encourage designers not to use models under the age of 16.  

However, given that it is widely known that models start being recruited and working at very young age, what should be the standard to the industry? Should the employment standards for models be more flexible and adapted to the "actual practice" or should there be more rigid enforcement?  

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